Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday's Picks

The numbers for Wednesday:

Denver +8 @ San Antonio o/u 194

Washington +12 @ Cleveland o/u 186

Golden State +9.5 @ Dallas o/u 210

Hopefully everyone has been riding the wave since the site has been giving away free money starting on Saturday. Though correct, the Raps pick yesterday was a little closer than I expected. So I was hoping to find a game today that would be a little less stressful. And after looking at the numbers, Ill be honest, I didn't find it. I'm telling you right now this pick is not for the faint of heart so if you are planning on calmly watching the game and never worrying about your money, put it on the Orioles tonight (no seriously, I got inside information, just trust me, its free money).

The pick for tonight is a team lead by gun toting, free shooting Stephen Jackson. That's right, GOLDEN STATE is going to cover the 9.5, lock it in right now.

Look, I know this pick violates every rule possible. On the road, rebound game, Stephen Jackson plays for the team, I realize none of this adds up. But here are some numbers for you. The Warriors are 18-5 ATS in the last 23 games, and 8-1 ATS in the last 9 road games. These guys are not scared of playing on the road... probably because they live in Oakland, but that's not the point.
Dallas, on the other hand, is 4-9 ATS in the last 13 and 2-7 ATS in the last 9 as favorites and 2-7 ATS at home. And here is the real kicker, Golden State is 10-1 ATS in the last 11 at Dallas. 10-1!! Are you kidding, I cant pick against that. So go with Golden State, I promise it wont be pretty, but at the end of the night, when you get two extra dances from the girls at the club, instead of from the girl with the lazy eye that works under the bridge on Rt9, it will all be worth it.

If you are bored waiting for the late game to start, I'd suggest the under in Denver/San Antonio parlayed with the Cavs -12. Dont hold me to it, but its probably what Ill do to kill some time, waiting for Golden State to cover.

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