Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have no words about what I am about to link you to. Nothing can explain it, nothing can describe it. All I know is that I'm lucky I recently had to begin "preparing" for a drug
test, because if I had been under the influence of anything when I had watched this there is no doubt that my head would have exploded instantly. Ready? Seriously, prepare yourself. Think Weird Al meets the NBA (maybe throw FreeDarko in there to explain the pics).

Here's the link (completely safe for work, but good luck explaining it to anyone who asks). Have your sound on, click the "experience" link. You click on the picture to move to the next song. Technically only the first four are about basketball players, but I found that to be more than enough NBA content to warrant a post.

PS - The Yao Ming one is the obvious crown jewel of their catalog.

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