Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday's picks

Frequently our friend, Mr. "Try and make it stick", the Teflon Don will take a look at various numbers and match-ups that have absolutely nothing to do with the illegal, shady, and often knife-fight filled world of back alley gambling.

The numbers for Saturday's games

New Jersey +4.5 @ Toronto

Miami -4 @ Chicago

Orlando +8.5 @ Detroit

Utah +6 @ Houston

Since most people get paid on Friday, its a good idea to check this site, get the pick and then double your pay check without any work... this always works, I guarantee it. (Guarantees made by this site are in no way actually guarantees and in fact very often turn out to be completely wrong. )

The pick for Saturday is Houston. If you like Big Ten basketball this is the game for you. That is not a compliment for the Big Ten or this series. Many are saying this will be a hard fought series with both teams being well matched. And this is true except for the fact that Houston is better than Utah in pretty much every way. McGrady will raise his game to the next level and Utah has no answer for that. McGrady has all the pressure to get to the next round and he has look like he doesn't care what its going to take to get there. The whole scenario reminds me of Kevin Garnett and the Wolves a few years ago. Also got some inside information that Houston practiced for 2 1/2 hours today and looked flawless. Give the points, watch the game, and smile as you are well on your way to lighting cigars with $20s and having moneys fights with $100s.

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