Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday's Picks

Frequently our friend, Mr. "Try and make it stick", the Teflon Don will take a look at various numbers and match-ups that have absolutely nothing to do with the illegal, shady, and often knife-fight filled world of back alley gambling.

The numbers for Monday:

Orlando +8 @ Detroit

Utah +5 @ Houston

I have a few rules when picking games and today's games are creating conflict with these rules. First, I hate going to the same well too many times. Thus, picking Houston presents a problem,(picked them correctly on Saturday, what else is new). Also, I HATE picking teams that I think have no shot at winning the game, and so picking Orlando becomes a problem.

Well, like I have told so many girlfriends (usually right before getting hit in the head with a shoe), sometimes you do things even though you know its wrong. So the picks for today are ORLANDO and HOUSTON.

Orlando has no shot at winning this series and probably wont win the game. But Detroit giving 8 is just too many. Detroit has been woefully inconsistent this year, especially against the spread. Though they probably wont win the game, Orlando, or more importantly Dwight Howard, knows they cant go down 0-2 and so Howard will put up a monster game to keep it close. Lock it in right now before word of the pick spreads and the number falls a point or two.

In the other game, I think Houston is hitting its stride and as I predicted on Saturday Utah is going to have no answer for the McGrady/Yao combo. I suggest give the 5, however I would stay up and watch the game because I think its going to be close to the number.

Confidence of Picks: #1)Orlando, #2) Houston (Although what your smelling in the air today is not Spring. Its the sweet smell of a parlay. Take your rent check, lock it in on these two and start packing your bags as you get ready to move up to the penthouse).

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