Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tonight's Schedule

Not gonna lie... last night was a bit disappointing. But we did get the pleasure of seeing our man Stephen J. get ejected. Call me crazy... but the moment immediately after Jackson got ejected was definitely one of the more strangely riveting 3 minutes I've seen in a while. We all know what he's capable of. And when he gets that look in his eye?? holy shit- look out. I couldnt help but be somewhat frightened in my own living room - kinda like when tyson used to enter the ring.

let's get to tonight's card, shall we:

Detroit @ Orlando

Is anyone actually excited about this series? Frankly, I'm shocked that the Pistons are only laying 2.5 in this one. They were 28-13 ATS this year on the road, and were the only team with more straight-up wins AWAY from home than they had AT home.
But since the Pistons haven't busted out the brooms since season 1 of the Simpsons (1990 - holy fuck, I feel old) that probably means that the magic will steal a game before this thing is over.

Houston @ Utah

This game is dangerous. It seems unlikely that this series is headed toward a sweep, and if Utah is gonna make it interesting - this would the time to put a notch on the 'ol win column.
Here's the numbers: Utah was 31-10 at home this year, but a pretty dismal 18-22 ATS. And if you're looking at RECENT trends, the Jazz closed the season 4-19 ATS (translation: that'd be a shit load of baseball cards to sign if Pete Rose was coaching this team).
Honestly, I see this game going inside the number (Houston +4.5), with the Jazz coming through with the W.

Phoenix @ Los Angeles

If you think the Lakers even have a CHANCE to win this game, then you're out of your goddamn mind. I don't even think Barbosa had his shot altered or challenged the entire time he was in the game. Phil Jackson looks like he's completely given up now that he knows he doesn't have the horses. Kobe has openly decided to tell everyone how terrible his team is:

"It's not like we have the best talent in the league, so we really have to pride
ourselves on playing hard all the time"
Frankly, I'm shocked the line is only 4. Unless the suns decide to take a night off for some reason, expect another blowout.

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