Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday's Picks

The numbers for Wednesday night:

Denver +8 @ San Antonio 189

Los Angeles +10.5 @ Phoenix 210

These two series are over and the only thing left to figure out is who will cover. The way I see it either Denver or Los Angeles wont show up tonight and the other will fight hard but lose. Now if you could only figure out which is which you would be rich.

Oh right, that's where I come in.

Well lets look at the rosters. Denver is filled with guys that when its going well play really hard. When its not looking good, Nene's knees hurt, Iverson is worrying about his shoelace color, and Carmello is definitely not snitching. Worse they are playing the ultimate take care of business team in San Antonio. I don't see any fight in the Denver roster and no final score would shock me, be it 111-63 or 234-12. Bottom line Denver is not going to cover the 8. Under 189 is probably a good bet as well. I just checked the flight schedule and there is a 10:10 flight back to Denver I'm sure they will be itching to catch. If they don't take the court in the second half don't say I didn't warn you.

In the other series, the Lakers have Kobe who I guarantee score 45 or more (I realize there are smaller limbs to climb out on). The rest of the team follows Kobe's lead and keep it close through 3 1/2 quarters but cant close down the stretch. Take the Lakers, though beware I hate betting teams that have no chance at actually winning the game and the Lakers are 1-7 ATS with two days rest.


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