Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tonight's Schedule: 5/1

New Jersey @ Toronto

This appears to be the last stand for the Raptors. When you think about it - how crazy is it that after tonight, the Eastern Conference 1st round could finish 16 to 1. That's INSANELY lop-sided. The pistons and cavs series were predictable sweeps, but no one thought the Raptors and Heat would get run out of town.

Coming into tonight, Toronto is 0-7-1 ATS in their last 8. On the flip side, the Nets are 7-0-1 ATS. Pretty big difference.

Sam Mitchell is gonna need to come up with a much different gameplan than he had for game 4. That game looked like 2 guys playing NBA Live except that only 1 of the guys knew how the controller worked.

Speaking of Sam Mitchell - doesn't he look just like that dude from "The Wire"? It's uncanny.

Golden State @ Dallas

This is CLEARLY the game of the night. If you're not completely obsessed with this series - then you just don't like basketball. That's all there is to it.

This game begins and ends with Dirk. He's doing his best to make a complete mockery of his eventual '06-'07 MVP award. He absolutely dominated the Western Conference playoffs last year. In fact, he averaged 27 pts and almost 12 boards throughout the postseason last year. Even shot almost 50% from the field. This year? He's yet to crack 23 pts OR 10 rebounds. And he's barely shooting 40% from the field. Not to mention- I'm sick of his body language. I mentioned this the other day - ever play Madden (or any video game for that matter) and start completely destroying the other person? Except that person can't stop complaining about the buttons not working? BUT I WAS HITTING THE PASS BUTTON!!! stuff like that. Well, that's exactly how Dirk looks when tries a fadeaway while double-teamed and he ends up hitting the side of the backboard.

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