Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tonight's Schedule: 5/2

I had originally planned to start my post with a rant about last night's Mavs/Warriors game. Since I've been home all day with Bronchitis (nothing short of my own personal hell), I've gotten to hear everyone's opinion on Dirk's "clutch performance" - even got Patrick McCenroe's take (apparently Cold Pizza picks a different random person to suffer through an argument with Skip Bayless until they eventually hang themselves). Honestly, the boys over at 100% Inury Rate broke it down better than I could - plus they're legit Warriors fans and I just snuck onto the bandwagon a couple weeks ago. But I'll add a couple thoughts:

- This is a perfect example of the "Sportscenter Syndrome" or a "Box Score Fan". Sure it LOOKS like Dirk took the game over MJ-style with 12 points inside the 3 minute mark. But the truth is - Dirk was an absolute GHOST in the 2nd and 3rd quarters - and even the 4th quarter up until those 2 3's. It wasn't as if Dirk commanded the ball on the block and imposed his will on Golden State. At no point did you get the feeling, "wow- Dirk is just NOT losing this game. He's carrying this team kicking and screaming back to Oakland if he has to."

Let's preview tonight's action:

Denver @ San Antonio

I totally agree with the Don - one of these games will be a blowout, one will be relatively close, but both series are definitely getting wrapped up tonight. Don't be surprised to see 2 blowouts, though. We had the privilege of seeing 2 gems last night - I have a feeling we won't be so lucky tonight.

Here's the deal - Denver is 1-6 (both SU and ATS) the last 3 years when trailing in a playoff series. Also keep in mind that George Karl has a 3-11 playoff record with the Nuggets (for his career, he's 14 games UNDER .500 in the postseason). And he hasn't escaped the first round since he coached that 50 win Bucks team.

I think the Spurs are completely in their heads and the Nuggets have their fishing gear packed.

Lakers @ Suns

If you honestly have the stones to lay some serious cash on the Lakers in this game - my hat is off to you. Because I don't think there's any chance in hell of this thing going back to LA. That would probably require Kwame Brown to duplicate his game 3 performance - which is damn near impossible.

That being said - beware of the "last gasp" game. Kobe's not the type to go quietly - look for the Lakers to go down, but go down swinging.

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